Blonde Jokes

A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead become astronauts. The Head of Operations says, “If you could go anywhere in our Solar System, where would you go?” The brunette chooses Mars, the redhead chooses Neptune, and the blonde chooses the Sun.
“You can’t go to the Sun,” says the Head. “You’d burn up!”

“Silly you,” says the blonde. “I’d go when it’s nighttime!”
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Three girls are running from police. One is a brunette, another a redhead, and also there is a blonde. They run into a store. The brunette hides in a dog cage. The redhead hides in a cat cage. Then the blonde hides in a sack of potatoes. The police come in the store and kicks the dog cage. The brunette goes “Bark! Bark!”. Then the police kick the cat cage. The redhead goes “Meow. Meow.” Finally the police kick the sack of potatoes. Then the blonde goes……….

“Potatoes! Potatoes!”
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A blonde walks into a restaurant. In a proud voice she shouts, “38 days!” Another blond walks in. They high-five and say, “38 days!” Three more blondes walk in, high-fiving and saying, “38 days!” A man is wondering why they all are so happy, so he asks, “What was 38 days?” A blonde answers…

We did a puzzle that said 5+ years, but we finished it in only 38 days!
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What did the blonde say when she saw Cheerios?

“Look! Doughnut seeds!”
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Two blonde girls got locked out of the car with the keys inside. One blonde girl tries to open the door with a crayon, and the other blonde girl says …

Hurry up, the sunroof is open!
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