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Can I tell you a joke?

I’M JOKING!!!!!!!
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Naughty kid calls on the phone.
Kid: Do you have a refrigerator?
Man: Yes
Kid: Is it running?
Man: Yes
Kid: Hold it or it might run away
Kid: Do you have a refrigerator?
Man: No

Kid: Didn’t I tell you to hold it?
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Why did the little girl run away?

She was told that a contest was being held and the winner is who ran the farthest without stopping!
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A teenaged girl had been talking on the phone for half an hour, then she hung up.
“Wow!” said her father. “Usually you talk for two hours. What happened?”

“Wrong number” she replied.
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Hey, did you hear about the kidnapping?

It is okay, he woke up.
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