Science Jokes

Sam: I once met a scientist with no doorbell.
Jack: Why didn’t he have one?

Sam: He wanted to win the no bell (Nobel) prize.
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I really like this book about anti-gravity.

It is impossible to put down!
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How did Ben Franklin feel when he discovered lightning was electricity?

He was truly shocked!
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Two men walk up to a restaurant. One asks for H2O, the other man says you know what I’ll have some H2O too.

He died.
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A professor was building a machine that could do 20 things at once. He had all the parts, but nothing to put them together. So he asked his dumb assistant to go out to the store and get glue. The store had almost everything: french toast, sushi, breaded halibut, but no glue. So the assistant bought the breaded halibut. Why?

It doesn’t take a genius to know fish sticks.
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