The Bull

A blonde and a brunnete had a farm. They wanted a bull. The brunnete said, “I will go to a farm and pick out the bull, when I get it, I will send you a letter and you can come get me and the bull.” So she went to a farm and brought 700 dollars with her. The bull cost 699 dollars; so she paid it and had one dollar left. When she went to send the telegram, she asked the cashier,”How much does a telegram cost?” He said, “A dollar per word.” So she thought and she said, “I will send one word, ‘comfortable.'” The cashier replied, “Why ‘comfortable?'”

The brunette said, “First of all she is a blonde. Second she will have to sound the word out so it will sound like ‘com-for- ta- bul.'” (Come for the bull!)
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