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Three Pigs

Three little pigs went to a restaurant.
The waiter walked over to the pigs and said, “What would you like for your appetizers?
Pig 1 replied, “Crackers!”
Pig 2 replied, “French fries!”
Pig 3 answered, “Lots and lots of water.”
Another waiter walked up the the 3 little pigs and asked, “What would like for dinner?”
Pig 1 said, “Roast beef!”
PIg 2 replied, “Steak!”
Pig 3 answered, “Lots and lots of water!”
After dinner the waiter came back and asked, What would like for dessert?”
Pig 1 replied, “A sundae!”
Pig 2 said, “Candy!”
Pig 3 answered, “Lots and lots of water!”
Then the waiter asked, the third little pig, “Why do you want so much water?”

Pig 3 replied, “Well, I’m the pig that has to go we we we all the way home!”
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