Steps to Encouraging A Sense of Humor in Your Child

Most of us love someone who has a great sense of humor. Those who love to laugh help us to laugh. When life starts getting us down we turn to those who can laugh at it for support and help. We know that laughter is the best medicine, and that those who laugh often get… Continue

The Elementary School Age Child’s Sense of Humor

Humor is the best medicine for the ills of life. We have all heard these sorts of sayings. In life we all find that they are very true. Life is simply too hard and absurd not to laugh at it sometimes. It is extremely difficult and serious, which is why we need to take it… Continue

Encouraging Your Child to Have the Right Sense of Humor

A sense of humor is as important as any other part of a child’s education. We teach our children math, science, and English, but do we teach them how to laugh at life? Why don’t we teach them this critical skill? A sense of humor is critical because it helps us through the difficulties of… Continue

Helping Your Children See the Funny Side of Life

Someone in life will tell you that you should look on the bright or funny side of things. This is probably some of the best advice you can get. It is impossible to know exactly what life will bring and what it will surprise you with. Most of us will face some real difficulties in… Continue

Games That Encourage A Sense of Humor

Most people love to laugh. We know that it helps our spirits and it provides a good relief from the anxieties of life. Without laughter life would probably seem helpless if not impossible. How would we deal with all the absurdity and difficulty without laughter? A good sense of humor is one of the central… Continue

Encouraging Humor Through Creativity

We all love to laugh. It brightens the darkest of days and makes the rain clouds go away, if only for a few moments. Laughter is the very thing that can help us to make life a little bit easier. It makes us feel and see the bright side of life when it is hidden… Continue