Submit a Drawing

Ask your parents to help you submit your artwork as an uploaded file. It should be an original picture or painting you made by hand or with a computer.* If accepted for publication, your artwork and byline will be posted in our Art by Kids gallery.
  • Accepted formats include jpg, gif, png.
  • Use your first name, full name or nickname. This will be published.
  • (Your email address will not be published.)
  • For example, Portland, Maine or Paris, France.

1) Your picture should be an original piece of art, either hand-made or created with a computer program.
2) The age range is from infancy to 18 years. If you’re older than 18, you can submit a picture you made when you were younger.
3) Pictures should be scanned at high resolution. This will create a better reproduction than a photograph.
4) Please do not send pictures of copyrighted characters or other trademarked symbols.
5) By submitting a picture, you are giving Feldman Publishing permission to publish it online, in products, and in books.