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What’s New?

Kid one: What’s new?
Kid two: Oh nothing I just caught a dinosaur!
Kid three: But they are gone!
Kid 2: So?
Kid 3 and 1: Not possible!

Kid 2: Sic em’ Rex! (A T-Rex appears and chases them!)

This is video explaining a handful of common math jokes is great, so I thought I’d share:

barbarafeldman112x110I just got an email from the quality department at Amazon Kindle that a reader complained about a misspelling in Jokes By Kids: Volume 1. Ugh… I hate typos! Really. That’s why each edition of Jokes By Kids has been read by me and TWO PAID EDITORS! That’s three sets of eyes looking for typos.

So, imagine my surprise when I come to actual complaint part of the email. Here it goes:

Potential errors have been identified: for example, “on their howlidays!” should be “on their holidays!” (loc. 706).

Gee, that rung a bell. It was a joke about ghosts howling on some holiday. So I looked it up, and here’s the joke:

Why are ghosts loudest in the summer?
Because they are on their howlidays!
From Ashleigh, age 9, from Glasgow, Scotland

Now, I’m not critical of the grownup that didn’t get the joke. We’ve all been there. Right? But complaining to Amazon? I was just flabbergasted.

So, getting back to grammar, I was thinking maybe “howlidays” should have been quoted because it’s a made-up word. But I can’t seem to find a reference for this online. So, my grammar peeps. What say you? Should the punchline have been written, “Because they are on their ‘howlidays!’”

Just as our first Kindle collection of Jokes by Kids jokes hits the virtual Amazon shelves, I am already planning the next volume. And thanks to Lori of SoCal with Kids, who suggested this great idea, the next volume will be illustrated by kids.

If you would like to see your artwork in the JokesByKids art gallery, and possibly in an upcoming edition of “Jokes By Kids” the book, click here to submit your original work.

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Drum roll, please! Our first Kindle book “Jokes By Kids: Volume 1” is now available on Amazon. And the very best news? You don’t even need a Kindle to read it!

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