People Jokes

A man walks into a bar….

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What is exercise for the nose?

A running nose!
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You know that New Yorkers don’t like to share a cab. Well, the other day I saw two complete strangers sharing a cab.

One took the gas tank, the other took the radio.
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5 people were on a plane – a lawyer, the pilot, a nurse, an old grandma, and a little boy. There were 4 parachutes on board. The plane began to crash.

The pilot jumped out saying, “I’ve still got to earn more money!”
The nurse jumped out saying, “I’ve saved hundreds of lives. Now I am going to save my own.”
The lawyer jumped out saying, “I’m the smartest man in the world!”
The old grandma says to the little boy, “I’ve lived long enough. You go.”

The little boy said, “No need. The smartest man in the world jumped out with my book bag!”
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A man was cutting wood and cut off his left arm and his left leg.
If you ask him how he is, he will tell you:

I’m all right now!
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