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More Animal Jokes

Why did the horse get detention?

Because he was horsing around!
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Why did the goat join the band?

He has horns!
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Two bunnies, a boy and a girl, were walking in the mall. Suddenly a little girl bunny ran over and gave the boy bunny a hug and said “I haven’t seen you in forever!” and she ran off. “Who was that?” the girl bunny asked.

“Oh, just some bunny that I used to know!” the boy bunny laughed!
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Three bats lived in a cave surrounded by three castles. One night, the bats bet on who could drink the most blood. The first bat came back with blood on his fangs. He said “See that castle over there? I drank the blood of three people.” The second bat comes back with blood all over his mouth. He said “See that castle over there? I drank the blood of five people.” Then the third bat comes back covered in blood. What does he say?

“See that castle over there? Well, I didn’t.”
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What is the most famous type of deer?

No idea! (No Eye Deer)
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